About Joe Nuzzolo

Joe Nuzzolo, the President of Dali.com – The Salvador Dali Society, is unique among the Dali dealers around the world.  In nearly a quarter of a century Mr. Nuzzolo has sold over 10,000 authentic Dali works into private collections.

Joe Nuzzolo is responsible for building some of the largest private Dali collections in the world.  The works he has sold are prized finds on the secondary market. In fact many of the “new” Dali dealers are building their names in part by reselling works originally sold by Mr. Nuzzolo decades ago. They know that if Joe Nuzzolo sold a  Dali work, it is absolutely authentic and consdiered important among Dali’s oeuvre. That is why distinguished Museum personnel, Certified Appraisers and the Salvador Dali Research Center, recommend Joe Nuzzolo to those seeking a Salvador work.



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